Strength in Numbers

Looking for a workout program geared towards Strength Training for Women? Meet our Women-only Strength in Numbers group!

This program is meant to bring together like-minded women who are willing to work hard and push their limits to achieve real results. Whether your goal is losing weight, building lean muscle, getting more confident with yourself, building functional strength for everyday tasks, or seeking something different in your current workout routine, Strength in Numbers will help you get there.

Designed for all fitness levels – from those who have never lifted weights and don’t know where to start to those who are seasoned in strength training but could use new thinking, Strength in Numbers is a chance for you to focus on bettering yourself while spending time inspiring and being inspired by other women. While built to improve total body strength, the program will have a heavier focus on areas many women struggle with – legs, hips, glutes, back.

Never lifted weights before? We’ll work with you on the basic form of each exercise without weights until you’re ready.

Worried about being intimidated as a beginner? That’s why this is a women’s strength program. We’ve found that women who are surrounded by other women with similar goals are inspired and encouraged to push themselves rather than intimidated. Your only competition here is yourself.

Have an injury? Our experienced coaches can help you modify any exercise to avoid injuring yourself further.

Think you’ll get too bulky? Trust us, you won’t. But you might get complimented more often. You can thank us later.

What to Expect

The Summer Edition of Strength in Numbers is a 6-week full body fitness & nutrition program for women embracing strength training and the benefits that getting stronger has towards their overall health and well-being. Meeting twice per week, Strength in Numbers is the perfect addition for anyone looking to add strength training and lean muscle building to an existing workout schedule.

Designed for any level of fitness, your workouts will:

  1. Focus on technique and movement patterns before heavy loads – Proper form must always come before even moderate weight and we are firm believers in teaching proper functional form before asking you to lift a weight your body may not be ready for.
  2. Be challenging, but full of celebration, not judging – Egos and criticisms are completely unwelcome. You will be surrounded by supportive, encouraging, and like-minded women, collectively working towards a common goal.
  3. Provide the right programming – Aimed at shaping and toning while building lean muscle and reducing body fat, workouts will consist of muscle activation & mobility along with barbell & kettlebell training.

What’s Expected of You

Besides a positive outlook, a willingness to work hard for your results, and a commitment to be better than you were yesterday, we only ask a few things of you:

  1. Show up every week with a desire to learn and grow.
  2. Be supportive of the women around you; no matter their skill level. Or yours.
  3. Believe in the yourself and the process.
  4. Obtain and bring a journal or notebook to every session. We will use them to record your workouts and track your progress among other things.

Goals & Nutrition

We won’t expect you to just lift weights, get stronger, and look fabulous, although those things could certainly happen with some hard work from you. We know how important it is to understand real nutrition and set realistic goals to build the body you want. :

  1. Baseline body measurements.
  2. InBody composition scans to determine the starting body metrics we’ll use to set goals as well as track progress.
  3. Personalized nutrition plan. (optional)


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You can work out hard for an hour 5 days a week, but if you don’t have a handle on how your diet is effecting you, well – its been said time and again, you simply cannot out-work a bad diet. We don’t believe in “magic bullets.” We don’t sell supplements. We sell coaching, accountability, and mentorship. Written and backed by a Registered Dietitian, this program (like all of our programs) combines behavioral change with achievement to create habits that will last a LIFETIME. No shakes, no short-term.


An advanced group exercise class designed to  develop functional strength along with stamina & endurance. Be prepared to work with barbells, sprint, crawl, and climb while pushing your conditioning to new levels.


Personal training is a great option to help you reach your goals.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build lean muscle (hint: those two go hand-in-hand), rehab an injury, or podium a race – let us put together a plan built just for you. We also offer semi-personal training for small groups of 2-6 with similar goals.


Climb. Swing. Lift. Flip. Push. Pull. It’s your call. Open Gym time is exactly what it sounds like, time to conquer your obstacles!