The Endurance Factory is a Spartan SGX Certified group fitness & obstacle race/ninja warrior training facility.

Train to Race, Train for Life. Spartan SGX, Spartan Race’s official training program, is a scientifically-supported solution to get anyone physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race, or to live more vitally. SGX is grounded in functional bodyweight exercise to improve agility, athleticism and power; the workouts are progressive, varying in exercise volume, intensity and specificity over time. SGX is also about empowerment.

SGX training will benefit you on the race course or on the soccer field, at the box or at the yoga studio, on the track or on the trail, at work and at home, and in how you feel every single day.

SGX Group Training

Group exercise classes for all levels combining functional strength with stamina & endurance, and of course obstacles.

Open Gym

Climb. Swing. Lift. Flip. Push. Pull. It's your call. Open Gym time is exactly what it sounds like, time to conquer your obstacles!

Obstacle Workshops

Designed for racers of all levels, participants learn obstacle-specific techniques needed to dominate your next race.

Personal Training

Get ready to conquer whatever lies in your path. One on one personalized coaching to prepare you for everyday life or the race of your life. Conquer your obstacles!

Race Prep

Interested in a Spartan Race, don’t have anyone to run with, and don’t want to go it alone? Train and race together with an experienced Spartan SGX Coach! Includes race planning, prep, and possible a race day partner. Lets do this!

Group OCR Training

Join a small group of 4-6 and get Spartan fit and ready to conquer the Sprint, Super, Beast, or Ultra. Cultivate discipline, drive, and determination. Conquer a Spartan Race or simply get in the best shape of your life! 6 & 12 week programs available.

Ken Peluso

Founder, Head Coach

Ken is passionate about helping people succeed. Whether it be pulling themselves off the couch or transitioning from a casual OCR participant to a competitive athlete, Ken is dedicated to preparing Spartans, physically and mentally, for any obstacle they may face.

As a certified Spartan SGX Certified Coach and two time OCR World Championship Competitor, Ken knows what it takes to turn even the absolute beginner into a Spartan Race Finisher.

Tiffany Palmer

OCR & Bootcamp Coach

Professional Obstacle Course Racer for team MudGear. Tiffany won 14 OCR races in 2017, finishing 3rd in the Spartan Elite Points Series and ranked 5th in the World.

Born in 1985, Tiffany was born in Gambrills, Maryland and began her athletic journey at the age of 5. She started speed skating and landed herself a spot at the Junior Olympics where she took home the Gold. After speed skating, she played every sport imaginable. Lacrosse, softball, gymnastics, and cheerleading just to name a few. She believes all of these endeavors at a young age led her to such success in Obstacle Course Racing today.

Tiffany participated in her first Elite Spartan Race in April, 2016 (the New Jersey Beast) where she placed 2nd. She found her true passion was to inspire others through her journey of becoming one of the top obstacle course racers in the World. She competed in 12 OCR races in 2016, and 25 in 2017. Some of her highest achievements being a first place team finish at OCR World Championships, 5th place in the 3k and 15k OCR World Championships, 10 Spartan Elite Wins, and 14 overall podiums for 2017. Tiffany was picked up by Team MudGear in 2017 and continues to run for them. She is also sponsored by Tailwind Nutrition and Second Skin. She also competed on The Broken Skull Challenge where she stepped outside of her comfort zone and had the opportunity to get physical with other athletes.

Tiffany attained her ACE personal training certification in 2016 to pursue her passion of coaching humans to become better in all aspects. She began working at The Endurance Factory in 2018. When she is not coaching, running, or training, she loves going out to movies, enjoying dinner, or anything outside. She loves the mountains and the beach. She also can not wait to get her 2018 race season kicked off and help others at The Endurance Factory conquer new obstacles and goals!

  • "It's easy to find a trainer who can lead you through a workout session. What isn't easy, is finding a coach who will push you past your limits not only physically, but mentally as well. Ken Peluso knows what it means to endure. He knows how to tap into your inner athlete and competitor and he will make sure he conditions you, body and mind, to conquer the goals that you set for yourself. If you tell him that you want to accomplish something, guaranteed he'll get you there, just as long as you put in the work. His workouts are fun, out of the box, and they will keep you guessing.

    We all know that sometimes the hardest moments actually happen outside of the gym and Ken is always ready and available to offer his overabundance of knowledge and most importantly, his friendship. I have never worked with a coach like Ken before and I promise that neither have you."

    Miranda S., Endurance Factory Athlete
  • "The Endurance Factory and Ken have the ability to raise/refine your OCR skills and fitness level in a short period of time. Working with The Endurance Factory is a decision you will never regret!!"

    Mike K., Endurance Factory Athlete

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