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Recover Faster with Hyperice Normatec Dynamic Air Compression Therapy at The Endurance Factory

Speed up your recovery from a tough workout or long run and let the rhythmic dynamic compression technology of NormaTec® Recovery Boots take you away from your day’s physical and emotional stresses.

We use this intermittent pneumatic compression technology to promote muscle recovery by increasing the circulation of lymph and blood from the extremities back to the heart. To schedule an appointment at our Savage, MD location, click the button below.

What is Compression Therapy?

Using air chambers, the boots pulse and use compression to essentially give your legs and feet a massage, encouraging blood flow and helping you recover after a strenuous workout. The goal is to recover faster, feel less sore and help you perform better during your next workout.

If you’re looking to train harder, compression boots are an excellent recovery option. They’re especially good for runners, lifters and CrossFit enthusiasts – anyone involved in activities where the legs become fatigued.

Recovery Services & Consultations

  • Runners
  • OCR Athletes
  • Elite & Amateur Athletes
  • Endurance Athletes
  • CrossFit Athletes
  • Weekend Warriors

The value of recovery is becoming increasingly more noticeable as advancements in technology as well as research studies continue to progress. Dynamic Air-compression Massage gives you an accessible, economical as well as effective means to guarantee you are ready for your next workout, run, or event.

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Why Normatec Compression Therapy?

The Hyperice NormaTec system use patented PULSE technology that was created by a physician bioengineer (MD, Ph.D.) to enhance blood flow to help you recover faster by using compressed air to massage limbs, mobilize fluid, fight inflammation and eliminate sore muscles.

The technology has been cleared by the FDA as a treatment for muscle pain & soreness and improved blood circulation. It is effective enough that professional sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens have set up ‘Normatec-enhanced recovery rooms’ for their athletes.

Benefits of NormaTec Compression Sessions

  • Increase range of motion
  • Increase mobility
  • Increase circulation
  • Decrease muscle fatigue
  • Reduces muscle tenderness
  • Quicker recovery after intense workouts
  • Clears metabolites passively

How Does  
Normatec Compression Therapy Work?

Normatec Compression Therapy uses patented Sequential Pulse Technology to deliver a massage to your limbs. Unlike traditional compression therapies, it uses compressed air to massage your limbs. The compression massage improves circulation and increases mobility. Read on to learn more about how Normatec works and what makes it such a great option for recovery. After training or endurance workouts, Normatec Compression Therapy is a great way to recover from your workout.

NormaTec uses patented Sequential Pulse Technology

Unlike other compression therapies, which rely on static pressure, NormaTec’s patented Sequential Pulse Technology releases hold pressures when no longer needed to maintain maximum pressure throughout the leg and pelvis. This technique ensures maximum rest time for the user during each compression cycle. Because lymphatic vessels have one-way valves, static pressure can be detrimental to the circulation.

The patented Sequential Pulse Technology that NormaTec has created combines three massage techniques to improve circulation in the body. This technology was developed by bioengineer Dr. Laura F. Jacobs. This patented compression technology is one of the most effective ways to increase circulation in the body and accelerate the healing process of soft tissues. It has been the leading compression therapy for sports and athletic performance.

In addition to its patented Sequential Pulse Technology, NormaTec also has a patented technology that provides a more effective therapy. This system combines the benefits of sequential compression with the effectiveness of dynamic compression. The technology mimics the natural muscle movement to expedite the release of fluid in the limbs. The unique sequence of pulsing massage patterns mimics the physiology of the muscles to promote healing and promote recovery.

NormaTec’s compression boots have similar risks to massage, but have been proven to improve recovery time and reduce the risk of soreness. The device also works to increase circulation in the area being massaged. This results in better circulation and increased blood flow to the affected areas, reducing soreness and improving performance. It is also recommended for athletes who engage in strenuous activities and need to recover from injury.

It uses compressed air to massage limbs

Normatec Compression Therapy uses compressed air and a proprietary massage pattern to relax the body and stimulate blood circulation in the lower and upper extremities. This therapy is based on a physician bioengineer’s design that mimics the pumping motion of the muscles in the legs and enhances movement of fluid and metabolites. The patented NormaTec Recovery System utilizes a pulsating massage pattern to provide a deeper and more intense relaxation.

Developed specifically for rehabilitation and recovery after sports, NormaTec Compression Therapy utilizes pulsating air to massage the limbs. This helps to mobilize fluid and speed up recovery. Moreover, the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern simulates the movement of muscles, which helps speed up recovery and reduce inflammation. Besides the compression therapy, NormaTec offers massagers and accessories to help athletes improve their physical performance.

A digital compression therapy system, NormaTec, allows users to customize their recovery experience by molding to their body shape during the pre-inflate cycle and providing a custom massage. NormaTec has become the go-to compression therapy method for many people, including athletes. Achieve a faster recovery with this method and enjoy your massage! It’s not just great for athletes, but for anyone who suffers from poor circulation in the body. Without adequate circulation, people can develop chronic pain in their muscles and suffer from a variety of pains. With improved circulation and pain relief, NormaTec Compression Therapy is an excellent solution.

Normatec Compression Therapy simulates therapeutic pressure and promotes blood circulation in the lower extremities. This treatment can also reduce tenderness and relieve soreness. In addition, compression therapy is much cheaper than a sports massage. It can also be performed by a healthcare professional. If you have a joint or bone injury, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately. For best results, seek treatment from a certified doctor.

It increases circulation

The Endurance Factory in Savage MD offers Normatec Compression Therapy, as part of its Performance and Recovery Services,  to help athletes improve their performance. The patented design of NormaTec uses a pulsing motion that mimics the muscle pump of the arms and legs. This action enhances fluid movement out of the limbs and is designed to reduce the effects of static pressure. It also has a distal release feature to ensure maximum rest between compression cycles.

NormaTec uses patented dynamic compression technology to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of swelling. This therapy is beneficial for recovering athletes as well as those who are in pain due to physical activity. The compression mimics natural movements of the human body, increasing blood flow and reducing soreness. Because it can be used between workouts, it can help athletes recover quicker. And, if you’re recovering from an injury, it can help you recover faster, too.

Another benefit of Normatec Compression Therapy is that it is easy to use. Users simply put the boots on their legs and stand in the boot while a machine provides intermittent pneumatic compression. This therapy increases circulation without causing discomfort and is painless. People who spend the majority of their day on their feet can benefit from it as well. Because gravity promotes poor circulation in the legs, the therapy can help individuals who spend their day sitting, standing, or walking can benefit from the increased circulation.

In addition to athletes, NormaTec Compression Therapy is beneficial to people who have chronic circulation problems. Many people who spend their lives on their feet are prone to blood clots and chronic pain. Athletes can also use it as part of their Physical Therapy regimen to improve their performance and heal from injuries faster. And, just as the name implies, NormaTec compression therapy is pain relief.

It improves mobility

Recent research suggests that Normatec Compression Therapy can enhance mobility and reduce pain. This form of therapy is designed to assist the musculature, tendons, and muscles of an extremity to clear metabolic and deoxygenated blood centrally. This device compresses different parts of the extremity sequentially. Normatec also lowers blood lactate levels, which is thought to be an important determinant of mobility and pain.

The patented dynamic compression technology in the NormaTec device helps reduce swelling, enhance circulation, and decrease muscle soreness. Patients can use NormaTec compression therapy in between workouts, and it can accelerate recovery time. This technology is used by professional athletes and sports teams, as well as in hospitals and physical therapy clinics. The treatment is safe, convenient, and painless and improves circulation throughout the body.

A NormaTec compression suit is worn on the legs to promote healing. The compression suit squeezes the legs and inflates intermittently, simulating natural blood flow. Individuals can also choose compression therapy to treat chronic pain or injury. It can improve circulation, reduce pain, and even speed recovery time. Although it is not for everyone, many people are able to benefit from compression therapy. If you’re considering compression therapy, you can talk to your healthcare provider or physician before starting a program.

The NormaTec compression system uses unique valve technology to mimic the one-way valves of lymphatic vessels and veins. This ensures that fluid does not backflow into the tissues and enhances circulation. NormaTec Compression therapy is used by professional athletes, including the US Olympic and Ironman teams. The USTA have both adopted the technique. And the treatment can also be used in a sport recovery program.

It reduces pain

While NormaTec uses patented dynamic compression technology to reduce soreness and increase circulation, it should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Those who suffer from chronic pain during physical activity should consult their doctor before beginning compression therapy, as the symptoms could be caused by an injury. The Normatec compression devices are designed to mimic the movements of the human body, and the pulsing motion mimics those of the legs. This can help improve circulation and ease soreness and speed up the healing process.

Initially developed to treat the discomfort associated with lymphedema, NormaTec has been used for athletic recovery since it is biomimetic in nature. It is a unique design that mimics the contraction of arm and leg muscles, preventing fluid back-flow and increasing blood flow. It also features a unique hold-pressure feature, which releases hold pressures when not needed and ensures maximum rest for each limb.

Besides relieving pain, the compression technique improves blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. In addition, it also reduces swelling and metabolites in the body, and improves range of motion. It is also ideal for use after physical activity, as it reduces muscle soreness after exercise. Further, NormaTec compression therapy reduces the risk of chronic conditions.

The patented PULSE technology in the NormaTec Leg Pulse device is a unique way to relieve pain and speed recovery. Unlike conventional compression therapy, the Normatec Leg Pulse system enables patients to experience the benefits of a continuous compression for up to eight hours, resulting in increased circulation, pain reduction, and a faster recovery time. And, since it is so effective for athletic performance and recovery, it has become a leader in consumer compression therapy.




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Race-specific planning is available as well in conjunction with a training plan. This will include recommendations on pacing and course management, nutrition, hydration, dealing with race day adversities, and race day schedule and logistics.

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From weekly group runs, fitness classes & workshops, race planning & travel, gear & equipment talk, to anything you can think of that's run & endurance related, our community of athletes of every level and always up for a challenge and some running fun.

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Metabolic testing at The Endurance Factory Running Lab utilizes the newest available technology which has been validated and shown to have lab grade accuracy. The results are displayed in actionable reports that the athlete can save a refer back to when planning training and comparing to subsequent tests in the future.

Coach Jeff

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Jeff started running at an early age. High school success led to a scholarship at High Point University where he participated on the Cross Country and Track teams. While there he earned an honors degree in Exercise Science.

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he returned to Canada and attended McMaster University earning a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy while continuing to run semi-competitively.

Jeff entered practice in 2008 treating patients across a wide spectrum of ages and conditions while he continued his post-graduate education earning a Fellowship from the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.

In recent years, he has focused on treating athletes with an emphasis on running and CrossFit/functional fitness-related injuries, though he truly has a passion for treating athletes across all sports.

Jeff is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a certified running coach from the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy. Jeff is the owner of Without Limits Running, a running performance company that operates in conjunction with The Endurance Factory Performance.

How can we help you 
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How much does compression therapy cost?
At The Endurance Factory in Howard County MD, NormaTec compression therapy sessions range from $12-20.
Who should use NormaTec Compression Therapy?
Initially developed for medical patients with severe circulatory and peripheral vascular disorders, the NormaTec Recovery System is now the most effective recovery tool for athletes who want maximum performance recovery.
How many times a week can you useNormaTec?
NormaTec sessions are typically 20-30 minutes in length and can be used daily.
What does NormaTec Compression do?
NormaTec Compression Therapy is a cutting-edge recovery system that helps athletes recover and rehabilitate between training sessions or following competitive events.
Can I use the Normatec while I'm pregnant?
Studies show that many women who are pregnant use Normatec to help relieve swelling and soreness! In any case, it is always best to consult with your doctor to see if this device is right, and safe, for you to use.

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