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the area’s only OFFICIAL DEKA affiliate gym – The Endurance Factory.

Founded to create better runners, better obstacle specialists, and better functionally fit humans, The Endurance Factory is YOUR best place to start and Spartan DEKA events are a perfect blend of what we do best! Our SPARTAN DEKA Group Training is perfect for those athletes who yearn to bridge the gap between CrossFit, High Intensity Interval Training and Obstacle Course Racing.

DEKA is a true modern-day decathlon of fitness for participants of each and every fitness level. It’s the very first environment that inspires continuous training and exercise. Putting an emphasis on training with a purpose, DEKA gives you the ability to consistently set goals and challenge yourself.

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What is DEKA?

The DEKA Arena combines 10 Fitness Zones all preceded by a 500-meter run (5k total) making it the most well-rounded functional fitness training and testing environment ever created.

DEKA MILE – 10 Functional Fitness Zones all preceded by a 160-meter run totaling 1 MILE.

DEKA STRONG – 10 Functional Fitness Zones with ZERO RUNNING.

The word compete was derived from two Latin terms – com and petere. Com meaning come together and petere meaning seek and strive.

So if you’re looking to improve your fitness and become the best version of yourself, you’re in the right place. We welcome you to seek, strive, and come together with us because you deserve a DEKA Mark!

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