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At CrossFit TEF Our EXPERT COACHING staff is ready to help you reach your fitness goals in a friendly and supportive gym environment near Elkridge MD.

CrossFit is the most effective fitness program on the planet. It’s designed to deliver optimal results in minimal time by combining strength training, cardio, and gymnastics into one workout.

You’ll get fitter, faster, and stronger than ever before at CrossFit TEF, the best gym near Elkridge MD!

We offer an incredible community of people who are dedicated to their health and fitness goals.

Our coaches will push you past your limits with high-intensity workouts that will transform your body from head to toe – there really is no excuse not to come see us today!


At CrossFit TEF, we realize that while many people have heard of CrossFit, there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion out there. We want our Elkridge area community to know more about this life-enriching lifestyle. Find out more about how CrossFit workouts can benefit you.

Versatile Functional Programming

We use functional training methods that focus on everyday movements your body can naturally do. Reprogram your body, mind and spirit for high performance.

Expert-Led Group Workouts 

Our professional Coaches give you personal attention, guidance, and workout options to meet you where you are in your fitness during each class. We even cap our classes to ensure the best quality coaching for each CrossFit class.

Nutrition Counseling

How many times have you tried a fad diet or new supplement only to find you quit early because you aren’t seeing results or don’t have someone to keep you accountable? Our nutrition coaching helps you build lifelong habits – not just a quick fix.

Supportive Community

We are Family! You are not just a number doing a workout. At CrossFit TEF, you’re building something bigger with others. We train, motivate, and encourage each other to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.

About Elkridge, MD

Elkridge is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Howard County, Maryland, United States. The population was 15,593 at the 2010 census. Founded early in the 18th century, Elkridge is adjacent to two other counties, Anne Arundel and Baltimore.

Elkridge, MD Neighborhoods

Lyndwood, Lawyers Hill, Harwood Park, Woodland Village, Montgomery Woods, Timberview, Elkridge Heights, Wesley Grove, 405,

Top Sights in Elkridge, MD

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Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland
licensed image?q=tbn:ANd9GcTukMUbTp1K2AKdDYdnYGpGqKD 00Vdg2fz4A3CvoTfA doypvXQgBRq1LlhUOJSvzs35 O0bodjEkkrF8cC w1Gg
Rockburn Branch Park
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Patapsco Valley State Park – Avalon Area
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Waterloo Park
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRCZpN7Nf9kuSbFMAmPI1hoBBqDhhOHf Q8qeAn9AnLWn U8LDvTemQMkvcrm cQRoyBpN6QdE4DgzbFw
Washington Boulevard
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Thomas Viaduct @ Relay
data=cWfiqRkilxhvXDdIcakJIHDcxe8EBZ3lz7O4iXyAmRBdxIQX6igUwzmHSCW098mmYt Cb99avQTikF2Lno gRThP1ySd92ftlwCijlM
The Lawn
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National Cryptologic Museum
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Belmont Manor & Historic Park
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Historic Troy Manor
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BWI Trail
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Rockburn Skills Park
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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
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Centennial Park
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Patuxent Branch Trail
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Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events – Baltimore, MD/BWI
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Jessup Dorsey Park
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The Observation Gallery
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Orchid Gaming & Smoking Patio
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The Benson-Hammond House
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I-95 North Welcome Center
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Oxbow Lake Nature Preserve
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Sandy Hills Skate Park
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Southwest Area Park

Street Names in Elkridge, MD

Abel Street Abrianna Way Alexander Lawson Altford Court Amberton Drive Arbor View Way
Arbor Way Arrow Way Aspern Drive Assembly Room Court Athol Avenue Augustine Avenue
Autumn Spell Avalon Drive Baja Way Baltimore Avenue Bauman Drive Bayberry Court
Bee Court Beechfield Avenue Bellanca Drive Belmont Woods Road Beverly Drive Big Tree Court
Binder Lane Black Oak Road Blazing Brook Way Blue Sky Blue Smoke Court Bonnie View Lane
Brandons Way Briar Court Briarglen Drive Britt Court Brookdale Drive Brookview
Brumbaugh Street Burnbridge Hunt Court Business Pkwy Butterfield Drive Caleb Dorsey Square Calvert Drive
Cambria Terrace Casey Court Cedar Avenue Cedar Grove Lane Cemetery Lane Cherry Avenue
Cherrybark Oak Lane Chipwood Court Church Avenue Claire Drive Clear Ridge Road Clements Lane
Coburn Court Cocan Way Collett Court Collingwood Court Cornerstone Cornerstone Way
Coxwold Drive Cozy Lane Critter Court Cross Ivy Road Daniel John Drive Darby Downs
Deanne Drive Deborah Jean Drive Deep Falls Way Deep Run Pkwy Deer Ridge Lane Deerpath Road
Devlon Place Diggers Lane Doctor Patel Drive Dorsey Road Dorsey Run Road Douglas Legum Drive
Downs Avenue Downs Ridge Court Ducketts Lane Duckeys Run Road E Gate Drive Edmunds Way
Elderberry Court Elibank Drive Elk Forest Court Elk Mar Drive Elkridge Crossing Way Elkridge Heights Road
Ellbank Drive Elm Avenue Ema Court English Oak Circle Esquire Court Euclid Avenue
Fairlee Road Fallston Road Forest Hill Road Forever Green Court Forrest Avenue Fox Glen Court
Fox Harbor Way Foxcatcher Court Friar Tuck Court Frothingham Court Furnace Avenue Gardenview Drive
Gatepost Way Gateway Overlook Drive Glasgow Avenue Glenmore Avenue Golden Crst Golden Fern Court
Goshen Hunt Road Graftons View Court Grainger Court Grassy Garth Road Green Drake Road Green Tree Court
Green Valley Place Greenfield Road Greenleaf Lane Greenmount Drive Greentree Drive Grommet Drive
Grouse Circle Grouse Road Grovemont Drive Guest Call Hampton Place Handley Drive
Harman Avenue Harthorn Avenue Hatterby Court Helen Way Hicks Road Highbanks Court
Highland Avenue Hillrise Court Hilltop Road Holly Springs Lane Hooks Lane Hosta Court
Howard Lane Hunt Club Road Hunt Hill Drive Hunter Road Huntshire Drive Interstate 95
Iron Ore Irwin Way Ivy Spring Road Ivy Terrace Jena Place Joetta Drive
John Calvert Drive Joseph Scott Drive Judge Dobbin Court Kane Way Karas Walk Keeton Road
Kit Kat Road Knolls Court Koffel Court Kyle Leaf Court Landing Road Lark Brown Road
Latchlift Court Latrobe Falls Lawyers Hill Road Layton Court Leaf Lane Lennox Avenue
Levering Avenue Linden Avenue Little Brook Court Little Cove Farm Little Cove Farm Way Little Patuxent Pkwy
Lori Lane Loudon Avenue Lowes Lane Lyndsey Way Macaw Court Magnolia Avenue
Maiden Point Place Main Street Manchester Way Mansion Lane Maplecrest Marie Curie Drive
Marioak Drive Marshalee Drive Marshalee Lane Mary Ann Lane Mayfield Avenue Meadow Rose Court
Meadowfield Court Meadowridge Road Melrose Avenue Merle Way Merrymaker Way Miami Court
Milbury Court Milkshed Place Millbury Court Millers Corner Millstream Court Montery Road
Montgomery Road Morning Breeze Court Nancy Drive New Castle Lane Niagara Drive Nightrose Court
Nightwind Court Norris Lane Northern Court Norwood Ferry Oak Grove Way Old Dorsey Road
Old Friendship Way Old Highgate Drive Old Hunt Club Road Old Landing Road Old Lawyers Hill Road Old Rockbridge Drive
Old Washington Road Old Waterloo Road Orchard Club Drive Oxford Drive Paradise Avenue Park Place
Parkview Court Patuxent Oak Court Paul Martin Drive Pebble Creek Drive Pennell Court Pheasant Drive
Pine Avenue Pirch Way Point Patience Way Port Capital Drive Potomac Hunt Court Purple Iris Lane
Race Road Railroad Avenue Rainbow Drive Red Barn Way Red Clay Forge Redd Lane
Reille Drive Rice Court Riker Road Rising Star Court River Road Rock Glen Drive
Rockburn Hill Road Rockburn Woods Way Rockledge Court Roland Court Roosevelt Boulevard Rowanberry Drive
Royal Coachman Drive Rustic Lane Ruxton Drive S Hanover Road Saint Jean Way San Tomas Road
Sanctuary Court Sandpiper Court Sandrise Court Sandy Ridge Court Santa Barbara Court Santa Barbara Road
Sawgrass Court Scarlet Oak Drive Sedgwick Street Selnick Drive Setter Drive Shady Oak Lane
Shadywood Silverleaf Oak Road Singer Drive Somerville Lane Southampton Court Spreading Oak Lane
Spring Leaf Court State Highway 103 State Highway 108 State Highway 175 Stearman Court Steepridge Drive
Stipa Court Stone Throw Way Stratford Court Stream Valley Lane Summer Cypress Summer Home Terrace
Sunrise Lane Sutton Court Tall Pin Oak Drive Tasker Falls Thomas Stone Timberlee Road
Timberview Drive Toomey Lane Touchstone Way Tranquil Way Tristan Lane Troy Court
Troy Hill Drive Tufts Drive Tyson Place Ulm Place Uplands Road US Highway 1
Vaile Drive Valley Oak Drive Vert Drive Virginia Pine Place Virlona Avenue Vista Road
Warrens Way Washington Boulevard Water Oak Road Waterloo Pass Waterloo Road Watermill Court
Well Water Way Wesley Lane Whisper Way Wimbledon Court Windrow Court Woodburn Avenue
Woodland Court Woodland Forest Drive Woodrush Court Woodvale Place Woodvalley Road Woolton Court

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