Membership management - Cancellation

Cancellation Policy:

As outlined in your Membership Agreement*, a cancellation request must be submitted via this form NO LATER than 30 days BEFORE your next billing date – failure to submit a request will result in membership continuation.

Under no circumstances can a cancellation request be backdated.

Membership will cease at the conclusion of the current billing cycle as defined by your cancellation date (submission of this form) – access to classes is permitted during this time. If applicable according to the terms of your Membership Agreement, the buy-out/cancellation fee will process via direct debit at the conclusion of your membership.

All cancellations will require this form to be submitted. Under no circumstances will a text message, phone call or Facebook message suffice.

* Your Membership Agreement can be found in the Profile section of our Members App under ‘Documents’ or in the members web portal.

Consider putting your membership on hold instead if you are planning on returning. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll work through it together. – The Endurance Factory Team