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Go beyond the scale and see what you're made of!

Your body is made up of muscle, fat and water. So losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Likewise, gaining weight may not be all fat gain. The InBody results sheet provides an extensive display of parameters relevant to body composition that can be used to efficiently lose fat, dial in your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies and more.

Through the use of cutting edge bioelectrical impedance analysis, the InBody allows for accurate and non-invasive body composition testing in under a minute! 

InBody offers more accurate results than other methods of body composition analysis. This quick, easy and precise analysis will provide an objective starting point to track your progress as you start, or continue, on your quest to better health and fitness. Knowledge can be powerful if you use it to make informed decisions that support your goals.

If you’ve been searching for an Inbody near me, schedule your InBody Scan at The Endurance Factory today to effortlessly and intelligently track the progress of your results using dependable information.


Your InBody Results Sheet

Included with each InBody Scan is a custom results sheet that can be printed and/or emailed to you detailing the analysis of your lean muscle mass, body fat mass, basil metabolic rate (BMR); vital data we use when working with a Nutrition Coach.

Additionally, the sheet will outline your overall body composition history at a glance showing you historical data from past scans for comparison and goal analysis.

Scan Results & Explanation

With each non-invasive scan you will spend about 15 minutes with a Coach performing the scan, discussing the results, and developing a course of action that will help you reach your goals.

What Does it Cost?

Monthly scans are FREE for Endurance Factory Fitness members.

Not a Member? Scans are $30. Use the calendar below to schedule and pay for your InBody scan and analysis.


Preparing for Your InBody near me

  1. Do not eat for 3-4 hours before testing.
  2. Do not exercise for 6-12 hours before testing.
  3. Ensure access to both feet with removable footwear and socks.
  4. Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test and be well hydrated.
  5. Do not shower or sauna immediately prior to test.

Why Get an InBody Scan at The Endurance Factory?

InBody Scan is a premier body composition analysis tool. The scan measures your body’s total weight, muscle mass, fat percentage, and water weight. This scan shows the details of your body composition in incredible detail and helps you optimize your fitness. 

InBody Scan uses direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis

body composition analyzer inbody 570Bioelectrical impedance analysis measures the resistance of alternating electrical currents in the body. The InBody Scan uses direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure impedance values of body segments such as the arms, legs, and trunk. It uses direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis to capture a full picture of your health.

In bioelectrical impedance measurements involve contact resistance, and so it is important to measure the resistance of the human body using an accurate method. The InBody Scan uses a unique electrode placement method that separates the starting point of voltage and current. The electrodes are placed on different parts of the body, and the user simply holds the device around their hand. The electrodes are placed near the skin, and the current flows through the hand or thumb as the person moves. The results are highly precise and reproducible thanks to the unique design of the InBody.

The InBody Scan has six different frequencies to measure the impedance of each segment of the body. The measurement of each segment yields 30 individual impedance values. The frequency of electrical currents varies, and some frequencies are better suited for measuring body water outside the cell versus inside it. The low-frequency current does not pass through the cell membrane and tends to flow through extracellular water.

InBody Scanner is state-of-the-art technology for body composition analysis. It uses patented Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency 8-Point Tactile technology and has a 98% correlation with gold standard methods. The InBody Scan is widely used in leading gyms, hospitals, sports teams, and more.

It measures body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, and body water percentage

The BMI (body mass index) is a simple way to monitor your overall body composition. It is important for people to monitor their body fat, skeletal muscle mass, and body water percentage, as they all affect your health. BMI is useful for people to monitor their weight and see if their weight loss efforts are working. However, it is not an ideal method for determining your body fat level.

Although the body fat percentage is an important metric, it can give a misleading picture of your fitness level. The percentage of body fat is the amount of fat in your body relative to your total body weight. This number fluctuates with age, but a healthy range is between eight and twenty percent for a man in his 20s, and twenty-five percent for a man in his 60s. Body water percentage refers to how hydrated you are. Water helps regulate your body temperature, transport waste, and protects your organs. It is also used by the body to strengthen the muscles and hydrate the skin.

The accuracy of the body fat scale depends on the amount of water in your body. For example, if you have a high body fat percentage, you may have lower body water percentage. This can lead to an overall weight that is higher than the recommended percentage. However, body water percentage is still a good indication of how healthy you are. However, the percentage of body water may affect your body fat, so it is important to check this figure regularly.

It provides consistent results

The InBody Scan’s unique electrode placement is designed to eliminate contact resistance, a problem that affects the accuracy of most impedance measurements. Generic devices make assumptions about the person they’re measuring, so the results can be inconsistent. The InBody device measures an individual’s actual impedance and performs calibration tests every day. Generic devices can’t calibrate and begin measuring instantly.


An InBody scan measures total body water as well as the impedance of low-level currents through the body. These measurements aren’t reliable, however, because a person’s weight and age can fluctuate quickly and cause the results to be inconsistent. Because of this, it’s important to understand how the InBody system works before purchasing. It’s important to keep in mind that inaccurate scanning can have serious consequences.

One way to improve InBody results is to take proper precautions before getting a test. Since the InBody test captures fluctuations in the body’s water distribution, it’s best to take it early in the day. If you don’t have time to wait until morning, you can take it early in the day. Taking these precautions will ensure that you get consistent and reproducible results every time.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis, or DSM-BIA, is a common method for assessing body composition. While it may not be the most accurate method, it’s a relatively noninvasive test. It is quick and inexpensive and doesn’t expose a person to radiation. However, some studies have found that BIA is more reliable than DXA. The InBody Scan is a valuable tool when used correctly. Nevertheless, there are several limitations of InBody results, which make it worth considering.

Increase Performance

As part of The Endurance Factory’s Fitness, Nutrition, and Performance & Recovery Services, having solid data to track progress and performance is a key element in keeping you focused and on track to obtain your goals!

Easy, accurate, and inexpensive

The InBody Scan is a non-invasive body composition analysis machine that takes a few minutes to perform. You will receive a printout of your results and a full analysis of your body composition. The InBody is considered the gold standard in body composition analysis and is highly accurate at 98.4%. For non-members, the cost is $30 per scan. You should make sure to drink lots of water before the scan, as it makes the results more accurate and reliable.

TEF members get their monthly InBody Scans for free. Non-Members can schedule a scan for only $30.

The InBody Scan is an important tool in the fight against obesity. The machine measures your body’s fat and muscle mass, bone density, water, and hydration levels. This information is more accurate than body mass index calculations and will show you how you stack up against others of the same stature. It will also give you recommendations for improving your health. Water levels and visceral fat levels can indicate disease states.

The InBody Scan is a procedure that measures body fat. It is less invasive than other types of body composition testing. Instead of stripping down and getting into a bathing suit, you simply stand on a flat platform with bare feet and hold the handles at your sides

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