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CrossFit training is the foundation for our fitness community, consisting of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. Our certified coaches incorporate programs designed to enhance strength, power, and conditioning to help you reach your peak fitness. We combine barbells, conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting, cardio and body weight exercises in short, intense workouts to generate more results in less time. You’ll find pull-up bars, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, and more! New to CrossFit? Read our guide on how to get started!

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We have a unique way to think about and view your fitness. Discover who you are, interests, biases, habits, behavior patterns. Reprogram your body, mind and spirit for high performance.


We turned the guesswork of starting/advancing your wellness into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics, while being able to adapt to any age or skill level.


No matter how good the workouts are, you’ll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to our coaches and community in our Facebook group and every day in coach-led classes. Taking the guess work out of working out.


How many times have you tried a fad diet or new supplement only to find you quit early because you aren’t seeing results or don’t have someone to keep you accountable? Our nutrition coaching helps you build lifelong habits – not just a quick fix.


We are Family! You are not just a number doing a workout. At The Endurance Factory, you’re building something bigger with others. We train, motivate, and encourage each other to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.

How can a CrossFit Coach help you?

Quite simply, we sell coaching, not access to a gym. Here are just a few ways that the coaches at CrossFit TEF will help you grow and achieve the fitness goals you desire:

  • Have a workout planned for you every day so you don’t have to think about what you are going to do at the gym which means you’re more likely to show up.
  • You’ll have a Coach leading you for every workout so you can learn new exercises with proper form and without hurting yourself or feel like you’re doing it wrong.
  • You’ll do a completely different workout every day combining weights, cardio, and bodyweight exercises which to break up the routine and keep you from getting bored.
  • Our coaches will help you bread down even the most complex movements into simple steps, ensuring that you take the safest and most effective approach that meets you where you are on your fitness journey.
  • Your CrossFit Coach will give you motivation when times get tough in workouts, helping you push through to new levels of fitness.
  • These workouts will stimulate your body in ways different from anything you’ve done before, helping you lose fat, gain muscle, and feel more energized as fast as possible. We’ll track it all with InBody scans!
  • You have a group to workout with so you will be more motivated to push harder than you would on your own, and our Coaches will keep you accountable for showing up consistently – all helping you to reach your goals faster with CrossFit.

Find out more about how the benefits of CrossFit.

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How can we help you Reach your fitness goals?


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