Why should i do personal training?

Tell your trainer what you want and together you can develop a plan tailored to you. Your trainer will develop a varied programme for you. This may include equipment, free weights, bodyweight exercises and endurance training. A personal trainer will teach you everything you need to know about exercise.

As a trainer, you will inspire your clients on their journey to better health and guide them on their path to meaningful change. AFPA not only offers personal trainer certifications, but also many specialised certification programmes in nutrition, fitness, yoga and Pilates.

Why should I do personal training?

This way, personal trainers can incorporate movements that improve flexibility (something many people overlook), and they can help slow down exercises – which Sass says can have a big impact on how muscles respond. Plus, there will always be days when you don’t feel like doing a strenuous workout. With a personal trainer, you can tailor your workout on that day to suit your mood while still being helpful. He will put together the perfect programme for you to achieve your goals and show you the correct posture for each exercise. Of course, he will help you achieve your fitness goals, but he also cares about your well-being and can help you improve not only your physical health, but also your mental health.

Why is a personal trainer worthwhile?

Considering they’re available via chat and can help you with your habits and diet, you can have a life-changing experience if you find a trainer that fits your personality. It’s the years behind the certification that make their time so valuable. So expect the cost of a trainer to be significantly higher than the cost of a simple membership at your gym. Also, with virtual trainers, you can make an appointment for an on-call session or class whenever you can fit it in. You can then work with a trainer for a short period of time to get started, or maintain a longer-term relationship if you need more accountability and support.


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