Training at The Endurance Factory means one thing, building a better you. Our classes range from a circuit-style fitness program that concentrates on the foundations of function fitness and strength training that produce real results. No gimmicks that promise to burn calorie after calorie while you enjoy a coffee after class or while back at work for the next two days. Dedication and hard (but fun) work produces results. Building lean muscle produces results. You at The Endurance Factory produces results.

We start with body weight movements, focusing on your mobility and range of motion to build a durable foundation that will make you more durable and keep you on your path with less risk of injury.  Once you are ready, we mix in strength training, some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and of course some obstacle specific drills to help you overcome any obstacle life may put in your way.


Interval training classes for all levels combining functional movement and conditioning while providing the foundations of strength & muscle endurance and are designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the fitness beginner and the demands of an advanced athlete.


Climb. Swing. Lift. Flip. Push. Pull. It’s your call. Open Gym time is exactly what it sounds like, time to conquer your obstacles!


Personal training is a great option to help you reach your goals.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build lean muscle (hint: those two go hand-in-hand), rehab an injury, or podium a race – let us put together a plan built just for you.


A Women’s strength program meant to bring together like-minded women who are willing to work hard and push their limits to achieve real results. Whether your goal is losing weight, gaining muscle, getting more confident with yourself, building functional strength for everyday tasks, Strength in Numbers will help you get there.