Learn to walk

A little late-night reflection turned #motivationMonday for you. This picture is from a page my personal wod journal dated May 21, 2018.

I had spent the last 6-7 months putting TEF together, fighting the county zoning board and permits department. I rarely worked out and was ready to get back in shape.

“Do what you suck at. Do what you fear the most.” Practicing what I preach, I decided to work on my front squat which relative to my other lower body lifts outright sucked.

Finding my 1RM, I capped out at 105#. I could back squat 2.5x that much but my wrist and triceps flexibility and mobility were horrible and every time I unracked the bar for a front squat, the pain in my wrists weakened me.

I spent the next few months working on my front rack and wrists and it paid off. My OH presses got better, my thrusters got better, even my kettlebell work improved. I figured my front squat improved but I never tested it.

Today it really showed. Today’s Strength segment was finding a 1RM Front Squat with a 2-second pause in the hole. I stopped at 210.

Am I that much stronger today than I was 9 months ago? Nope, I’m not twice as strong as I was, that’s for sure. But my technique and form are night and day compared to last May.

Whats my point? I have two.

  1. Sometimes, more often than you think and definitely more than you want to, you need to drop the weight on the bar until you nail the technical – from there it’s all up, up, up.

  2. It’s also OK to NOT to do “Rx” or whatever everyone else seems to be doing in a workout -you’ll get there – once your technique is solid. The rest of today’s workout was power cleans. Brendon did Rx (135,155,185) at 930, Kap and Clint did that or more in my class at noon. I did L2 (75,95,115) because my lingering shoulder tear was flared up and because my technique felt a little off, so I dropped down and cleaned up my cleans.

The next time you feel like your technique or form is off, it probably is. And that’s ok. It’s more than ok, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Drop your weight down, call out to your Coach, and be proud to ask for help. Remember, this isn’t about pride, it’s about being better than you were yesterday.

“Learn to walk before you run.”

That is all.
Coach out.