Consistency Builds Success

“Success isn’t always about greatness, its about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”
-Dwayne Johnson

When is the last time you DIDN’T go “all in” on a bad thing? Like that cheat meal. Or when you turned off the alarm, 4 days in a row, instead of getting up to hit the gym. Its easy to string together NOT doing the hard things and even easier to believe the excuses we tell ourselves.

We make habits out of taking the easy road then wonder why, 3 months later, we haven’t hit our goals. Why we haven’t lost the weight. Why we aren’t stronger. Why we aren’t faster. Why we aren’t the person we picture when we set goals.

The hard part really isn’t the work. Find yourself a good Coach who can show you great form and how to move your body, how to move a barbell properly, and help keep you accountable to yourself and those goals.

The hard part is the consistency. Go do a quick search for ‘habit + consistency’. You’ll probably see articles titled ‘The Struggle of Consistency: Why is it so hard to develop habits?’, ‘Consistency is the Key to Breaking Bad Habits and Forming Good Ones’, ‘Why We Struggle with Consistency’, & ‘Consistency: The Forgotten Skill That Makes All the Difference’. Putting in the work when you don’t want to day after day, week after week, and month after month; that’s what develops good habits, that’s how you succeed.

Grind. Rest. Repeat. Succeed.

When we build the habits, things fall into place. We get stronger. We achieve. We grow physically, mentally, and spiritually – through consistency.

For years, I’ve coached, trained, and competed with athletes in sport and in gyms. I’ve managed teams of professionals in the corporate world. And probably the hardest of all, I’ve worked every single day to (consistently) be a better husband and father. The common thread that has made all of these diverse ecosystems succeed or fail is the consistency of each member’s efforts toward a common goal.

All too many times, I’ve seen talented teams lose championships, projects miss deadlines, and my family become temporarily dysfunctional because focus and consistency was lost. I’ve had athletes begging for answers when they weren’t setting PRs and nutrition clients looking in amazement when their numbers haven’t moved in the right direction. 99% of the time, the reason is right their in their workout and/or food log. Yup, no consistency.

What does consistency look like?

Ashley has been defining consistency since she and her husband Jan walking into the gym last May.

Consider this. Since joining The Endurance Factory, Ashley has lost almost 30 pounds of body weight. In the last 4 months alone, she has lost 18.5 pounds of FAT MASS, and 7.4% body fat!⁣⁣

How? We set goals, make action steps she can apply to achieve those goals, and she follows her plan. Consistently. Small steps towards bigger goals. One day, one rep, and one meal at a time.

Granted, they have built in accountability partners outside of the gym – each other. Jan has been hard at work too, winning our January Nutrition Challenge by losing 7% body fat and almost 13 pounds in 28 days!

Ashley said “I love that this program was teaching me the skills that I need for a lifetime, not just for a 6 week crash diet. I’m looking thinner, my muscles are more defined, I feel stronger and healthier.”


Are you “all in” on your goal?

Or will you tell me that you didn’t have time to meal prep, or that you took your lunch to work but decided to go out for pizza instead? Will you tell me that you were just too busy to train this week? (Hint: don’t use that one. I can prove to anyone that you have enough time every week to train.)

As a Coach, I can give you the tools, put you on the right path, and push you along the way. But YOU have to show up. You need to make the effort. You need to keep yourself accountable when you’re not in the gym. You need to not make excuses and do the hard things that will build habits and effect change.

Since day one, we’ve preached “Better than you were yesterday”, but that means every day; that includes rest and recovery days. And sure, we all need to take ‘off days’ from workouts, from our good nutritional habits, and many other things. We just can’t string those off days together and lose the consistency.

“Grind while they sleep. Learn while they party. Live like they dream.”

Be Great!
Coach out.