Our Promise (and a few rules)

To keep things simple for you, we ask that you agree to
these simple terms and conditions of service:

  1. Be better than you were yesterday!
  2. Sign up for classes prior to arriving and sign in once you arrive. Remember, you MUST register for a 6am class by 10pm the PRIOR evening.
  3. Cancel or change appointment times, if you must, at least 12 hours before the appointment is set to begin. We understand that life sometimes happens, just don’t let short-notice cancellations become a habit.
  4. Be respectful of the other members and your coach (although we do understand that you may not like us at times).
  5. Tell your Coach immediately if you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. We can help.
  6. Make your Coach aware of any aches, pains, or injuries before you begin any class or exercise.
  7. Clean all equipment you used and place it back where you found it when you are done. This includes cleaning chalk off barbells, wiping medicine balls, stacking boxes, etc.
  8. Do not drop empty barbells.
  9. All membership cancellation requests must be received in writing and signed by an Endurance Factory manager/owner FIVE (5) days before the next payment is due to be deducted or you will be billed for an additional month’s fees per the Membership Agreement.
  10. Keep the bathrooms and lounge clean. They are there for your comfort and convenience.

In return, we promise to:

  1. Always be on time for our appointment with you.
  2. Be prepared with a training plan for the session.
  3. Alter workouts as required to accommodate your abilities.
  4. Make you the center of our attention during your session.
  5. Behave in a professional manner.
  6. Explain WHY any given exercise is relevant to you.
  7. Return your phone call or email at the first available
  8. Provide you with a safe, clean, and friendly space to train.
  9. Treat every client the same with regard to pricing,
    scheduling, and answering questions.
  10. Stay on top of relevant research that will help you achieve
    your goals.
  11. Be as flexible as possible in accommodating your schedule.
  12. Maintain the strictest confidentiality.
  13. Hold your lost items for two weeks before donating them to
    an appropriate charity.